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Newspapers encourage parents and teachers to read stories with their children and students and connect history with people, places and current events in today’s news. Check out Teaching Guides ( on Children’s Literature and Newspapers.

Periodically, newspapers serialize stories, publishing them chapter by chapter. Contact your newspapers to find out if they publish stories or other youth features.

North Carolina stories

All chapters of three stories about North Carolina (Molly’s “Beaufort Town,” Where is the Lost Colony? and Behind the High Board Fence) are published below. Click on the title to read the story or scroll down to find all stories and supplementary teaching guides.

Molly’s “Beaufort Town” by Lynn Allred 

Molly ImageAll ten chapters of this serialized story are made available below to teachers, parents and young readers.

Lynn Allred imagines the life of a young, adventurous girl who might have lived in Beaufort in the 1760s and chose to board a ship to England: Who was this girl? What might her family have been like? Who could have been her friends and neighbors? What kind of life did she leave behind when she sailed to England? A wooden grave marker in the cemetery at Ann Street United Methodist Church in Beaufort inspired Lynn’s story.

Thanks to author Lynn Allred, the Carteret County News-Times ( and the Beaufort Historical Association ( for the story, photos and background information.

Each chapter includes information about the Beaufort area and an activity that connects the story with current news. Note that formulas designed to provide quantitative measures of readability show that the chapters range in difficulty from grades 2-5, with most chapters scoring as grades 3-4 in difficulty. The scores indicate that Molly’s “Beaufort Town” is a suitable story for young readers in upper elementary school.

Readers, obtain all chapters of the story, background information about historic Beaufort and teaching guides: Molly’s “Beaufort Town.”

Chapters designed by Crystal Willis, sketch of Molly by Aleah Howell:


Full Book PDF

Chapter 1 (quarter page)

Chapter 2 (quarter page)

Chapter 3 (quarter page)

Chapter 4 (quarter page)

Chapter 5 (quarter page)

Chapter 6 (quarter page)

Chapter 7 (quarter page)

Chapter 8 (quarter page)

Chapter 9 (quarter page)

Chapter 10 (quarter page)


Supplemental instructional material:

1.  A set of graphic organizers prepared by Sandra Cook, NC NIE: PDF

2.  A teaching guide, TEACHER version (answers) prepared by Sandra Cook, NC NIE

3.  A teaching guide, STUDENT version prepared by Sandra Cook, NC NIE


Where is the Lost Colony? by Sandy Semans


The six-chapter story, published below, draws on information available through the outdoor drama, The Lost Colony. Each chapter includes an activity.

Writer and editor, Sandy Semans provided background information about Sir Walter Raleigh, Queen Elizabeth, John White, Virginia and North Carolina, the Croatans, Manteo and the outdoor drama (Fast Facts) and about the Ocracoke Inlet and other inlets on the Outer Banks that “have come and gone.”

Crystal Willis designed the chapters; Aleah Howell provided the sketch of Justin.

Full Book PDF

Chapter 1—Time to ‘sleep’ on it

Chapter 2—Hail to the Queen!

Chapter 3—Longing for Virginia Dare

Chapter 4—Clue not enough to solve mystery

Chapter 5—Manteo, man of few words

Chapter 6—‘You sleep on it’

Background information:

1. Fast Facts
2. Outer Banks

Behind the High Board Fence by Helen Marley

All sixteen chapters of this story are available below to teachers, parents and young readers.

Behind the High Board Fence offers short stories about the Sharp family, told from young Helen Sharp’s perspective. The story explores ways she grows and changes, the lessons she learns and the hope she carries into the future.

Who is Helen? In real life, she is the author’s mother who shared the stories with her daughter.

Crystal Willis designed the half-page chapters and the Full Book PDF; Thorne Worsley illustrated the chapters.

Full Book PDF

Chapter One (half page)–The Sharps earn their way

Chapter Two (half page)–Cal and Joe sell newspapers

Chapter Three (half page)–Helen steps out

Chapter Four (half page)–Red paper reads ‘quarantine’

Chapter Five (half page)–Cal breathes

Chapter Six (half page)–Helen plays with fire

Chapter Seven (half page)–Helen feels better

Chapter Eight (half page)–Textiles come to town

Chapter Nine (half page)–Girls fill bucket

Chapter Ten (half page)–Sharps ride streetcar

Chapter Eleven (half page)–What’s in the store?!!

Chapter Twelve (half page)–Ruthie meets ‘one caring person’

Chapter Thirteen (half page)–The Sharps receive gifts

Chapter Fourteen (half page)–Papa suffers accident

Chapter Fifteen (half page)–Papa walks

Chapter Sixteen  (half page)–Helen views from perch

Teaching guides, graphic organizers and more are available to support the use of this story.