Travel and Tourism Ads

A million miles away is just down the road …
Support the North Carolina Press Foundation, NIE and your own community by running state tourism ads

Your newspaper has a chance to keep the state’s Newspapers in Education program strong and growing by running ads provided by the state’s division of tourism!

It’s a win-win situation. The state provides beautiful ads designed to bring tourists to our state! Your newspaper runs those ads, gratis, in your print product and online as often as space permits. In return, the state provides a grant that funds our NIE program at your local schools.

Tourism is one of the state’s largest industries. According to the state tourism division, every year some 60 million people visit and spend more than $14 billion.

Without this annual grant, the special inserts, articles and artwork you now get via the state NIE program would no longer be funded. The North Carolina Press Foundation and the NC Press Association administer the grant every year, gathering data on the ads you run and reporting it quarterly to our partners at the state tourism division.

Your partnership is crucial to keeping our NIE program strong.

Obtain these advertisements by going to

Please join us in our effort to keep NIE strong and to help communities like yours by attracting tourists to North Carolina! For questions about the program, contact NCPA Executive Director Beth Grace at