Sports media just got a big business-model subsidy from the Supreme Court


Monday morning the Supreme Court opposed a law that allows sports gambling to be banned. Now, sports gambling will be able to occur more frequently and with less restrictions. The law allows states to decide if sports gambling will be legal or not in each state, while the power of the federal government in deciding the legality of sports gambling is diminished. This means that sports gambling might not be legal in all states right away, but many states will most likely make it legal nonetheless. 

Sports gambling is going to impact the news industry, especially the consumer. Readers are going to seek out sports information not only for entertainment purposes, but also for economic purposes - as a potential to earn money.

The sports journalism industry is likely to expand in response to the Supreme Court's decision and as a result, will see great profit because consumers will want the information more than ever. While smaller newspapers might not be able to profit from the shift in value to sports journalism, larger national newspapers will because consumers will find a new value in the industry and it will become more useful to them.

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