This Facebook chatbot wants to help you stay ahead of fake news


Faceterbot is the latest fact-checking technology in the news industry and may even be saving social media site Facebook one fact at a time. 

The chatbot lives in Facebook Messenger, where it targets false, popular news stories and delivers them straight to peoples' inboxes. This is not the first fact-checking bot. Companies in Brazil are building these as well, in the hopes of making fact-checkers' lives easier.

Faceterbot will create a list of all the stories that include misinformation each day of the week and deliver these to user inboxes. Users will be able to learn more about a story that is sent to them or can ask about other stories.

While the general public can benefit from this, organizations will be able to easily limit the spread of fake news and correct their own pieces faster. The bot is most used for political stories but can fact-check any other stories relating to other topics. So far the chatbot has been sending stories to a small audience and has been successful in debunking false facts spread by the news.

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