2023 NCPA Editorial and Advertising Awards


2023 NCPA Editorial and Advertising Awards 

Contact: Philip Lucey, NCPA Executive Director, phil@ncpress.com 

For Immediate Release 

Thursday, August 24, 2023 

(Raleigh, NC) North Carolina Press Association members were honored for excellence in news, photojournalism, and advertising coverage, during the 150th annual convention held in Raleigh on Thursday, August 24, 2023.  NCPA's contest continues to be one of the largest in the country with over  3,500 entries from  over 125 newspapers and news organizations. This year Alabama Press Association members judged the contest. 

The Henry Lee Weathers Freedom of Information Award honors journalists or newspapers for exceptional work in advancing or upholding the cause of Freedom of Information. It also recognizes excellence in reporting about access to government-held information and the First Amendment.  Danielle Battaglia and Dawn Baumgartner Vaughan from the News & Observer, and Danielle Chemtob and Alexandria Sands from AXIOS Charlotte were recognzed as the best in their respective divisions for this award. 

The Hugh Morton Photographer of the year award recognizes a photographer's body of work for the contest year and is the most prestigious photography award we give.  This year the judges recognized Bob Karp from 27587 Magazine, Ethan Hyman from the News & Observer, and Kenneth Fine from NewOldNorth.com. 

The Duke University/Green-Rossiter Award for Distinguished Newspaper Work in Higher Education recognized Zac Ezzone and Elizabeth Egan from the Triangle Business Journal and The Assembly Staff for their in-depth coverage. 

The Media & Law awards- sponsored by the NC Bar Association, recognizes outstanding legal reporting that fosters greater public understanding of the legal system and the role of lawyers in today's society. Holly Kays and Kyle Perrotti of Smoky Mountain News, Michael Gordon of the Charlotte Observer, and Sarah Nagem of Border Belt Independent, took home these awards. 

Cherokee One Feather, Elkin Tribune, State Port Pilot, Smoky Mountain News, High Point Enterprise, and Greensboro News & Record, were recognized at the top of their respective divisions for the ad sweepstakes award. 

Below is the full list of winners:

Division A

Ashe Post & Times Three awards to Teresa Roark-Laws and Brian Hodges 

Avery Journal Times Three awards   to Jamie Shell and Lily Kincaid

Bertie Ledger-Advance One  first place award  to Thadd White

Butner-Creedmoor News    One first place award to the  staff 

Cherokee One Feather A total of ten awards go to Robert Jumper, Scott Brings Plenty, Dawn Arneach  and Jonah Lossiah

Clemmons Courier  Three editorial awards to Marc Pruitt and  Andy Mooney

Daily Dispatch  15 total awards to Kellen Holtzman, Ray Gronberg, Tyler Davis, David Irvine, , Mark Dolejs and , Ricky Stilley

Elkin Tribune  Ten awards go to Zach Coburn, Katelyn Goins,  Amanda Cooke, Holly Lamm, Elizabeth Atkins, Allie Parsons, Kitsey Burns Harrison and staff 

Graham Star   11 awards for Kevin Hensley, Randy Foster and  Staff

Hendersonville Lightning Five awards to Bill Moss, Amy McCraw and staff. 

Highlander Three  advertising awards tonight for Stephanie Mason

Johnstonian News Seven  awards go to Scott Bolejack, Jamie Strickland and Creative Staff

News-Journal   Five awards goes to Jessica Hendrix Brown, Catharin Shepard, and Staff

News-Record & Sentinel Two awards for Karen Ingraham, Johnny Casey, and Marilyn Parnell

Smoky Mountain Times   Five editorial award to Larry Griffin, Jessica Webb,  and Hannah Styles

Spring Hope Enterprise One award go to Ken Ripley

Stokes News Two advertising awards to Marjorie Morrison, Serena Bowman and staff 

The Enterprise Five awards to Thadd White, Brandice Hoggard, Deborah Griffin and Staff

The Paper Eight awards to Marty Queen,  Bill Poteat,  Angela Kuper Copeland,  Allen VanNoppen,  and staff

Triangle Tribune One editorial award to Mia Khatib 

Watauga Democrat Six awards for Jillyan Mobley, Moss Brennan and Kevin Lumpkin 

Yadkin Ripple  Two awards go to Zach Colburn, Allie Parsons, and Staff

Divsion B 

Alamance News    Five awards go to Tomas Murawski, Kristy Bailey and Bob Sutton

Brunswick Beacon      Six awards in total to Christy Williamson, Kay Milliken Savanna Tenenoff and Staff

Chatham News + Record     20 awards to Benjamin Rappaport, Taylor A. Heeden, Simon Barbre, Nikki Witt, Maydha Devarajan, Evan Rogers, Victor Hensley, Bill Horner III, James Kiefer and Staff

Cherokee Scout 11 awards in total to Anngee Quinones-Belian, Justin Fitzgerald, Jared Putnam, David Brown, Christy Guthrie and Staff

Clay County Progress one advertising award to Madison Kimsey, Madison Ledford, and Becky Long

Coastland Times   Ten awards for Summer Stevens, Danielle Puleo and Staff

Courier-Times  Eight awards to Ginger Carroll, Jan Ross, Kelly Snow and Silas Albright

Daily Herald  Ten total awards go to Rhonda Irby, Richard Holm and Justin Hayes

Franklin Press Four total awards to Stephanie Mason, Liz Birolin  and staff 

News Reporter   11 awards go to Diana Matthews, Justin Smith

Rocky McPherson, Joseph Williams,  Grant Merritt and  Staff

North State Journal Ten awards to A.P. Dillon, Shawn Krest, Cory Lavalette, Isabelle Lavalette and Matt Mercer

Roanoke-Chowan News-Herald  Four awards for Holly Taylor and Staff

Robesonian  Two advertising awards for Chris Stiles and staff

Stanly News & Press   Two editorial awards for B.J. Drye and Chris Miller

State Port Pilot  A total of 37 advertising and editorial awards go to Carol Magnani, Joey Robinson, Linda Lash, Ben Frazier, Lee Hinnant, Eliot Duke, Lee Hinnant, Morgan Harper, Michael Paul, and Staff

Syvla Herald and Ruralite   Two awards to Beth Lawrence and Jim Buchanan

Up & Coming Weekly  6 awards to Isaiah Jones, R. Elgin Zeiber, Pitt Dickey, Kathleen Ramsey and Dov Goldberg

Washington Daily News  13 awards for David Singleton, Kristen Smith, Ashley Vansant, Holly Morgan, Steve Barnes and Staff

Wilkes Journal-Patriot  Three awards to  Marty McGee, Jule Hubbard and staff. 

Division C 

27587 Magazine  Eight awards to Bob Bogert, Bob Karp and Philip M. Read Jr.

Carteret County News-Times  One award to JJ Smith 

Charlotte Business Journal   Two awards go to Melissa Key and staff

Daily Record   Ten awards to Ginger Carroll, Jan Ross, Donnell Coley, Robert Jordan, Emily Weaver and staff 

Indy Week Four awards to Lena Geller, Thomasi McDonald and Jasmine Gallup

Mount Airy News   Seven advertising and editorial awards for Lena Geller, Marjorie Morrison, Samantha Turner, Katelyn Goins, Cory Smith, Donna Thomas, Regenia Grant, Aaron Eaton, and Kathy Swaney

Mountain Xpress Three awards for Justin McGuire and Jessica Wakeman

Mountaineer    11 awards for Jan George, Amanda Adams, Jack Snyder, Becky Johnson, Eligiah Thornton, Tyler Auffhammer and Vicki Hyatt

Outer Banks Milepost   10 awards go to Chris Kemp, Chris Bickford, Matt Walker, Jesse Davis, Ryan Moser, Aycock Brown, Daniel Pullen, Drew Wilson and Staff

The Pilot    30 advertising and editorial awards go to Scott Yancey, Samantha Cunningham, Mechelle Butler, Erika Leap, Serena Lovely, Sam Hudson, John Nagy, Ted Fitzgerald,  Jessica Galloway, Ginny Trigg, Abbigail Overfelt, Timothy L. Hale, Maggie Beamguard, Scott Yancey, Kathy Desmond, Terry Hartsell, Emilee Phillips, Jonathan Bym and Staff

Queen City Nerve  One award, a 1st place, to Timothy DePeugh 

Salisbury Post   Three Awards for Chandler Inions and Staff

Smoky Mountain News   a total of 34 advertising and editorial awards go to Micah McClure, Jessica Murray, Sophia Burleigh, Holly Kays, Cory Vaillancourt, Greg Boothroyd, Sophia Burleigh, Kyle Perrotti ,Amanda Bradley, Hannah McLeod, Chris Cox and Staff

Triad City Beat  Two editorial awards to Sayaka Matsuoka and Brian Clarey

Triangle Business Journal  Four editorial awards to Lauren Ohnesorge, Caleb Harshberger, Zac Ezzone and Staff

Wilson Times 16 total awards go to Lisa Pearson, Beth Robbins,Drew C. Wilson, Corey Friedman, Olivia Neeley, Andrew Schnittker, Olivia Neeley, Paul Durham and Staff

YES!  Weekly   Ten awards go to Jim Longworth, Alex Farmer, Dalia Razo, Ian McDowell and Dalia Razo

Division  O

Asheville Watchdog   Seven awards for Barbara Durr, John Boyle, Sally Kestin and Andrew Jones

Axios  Charlotte  Two awards go to Michael Graff and Staff

Border Belt Independent  Seven awards go to Ivey Schofield, Sarah Nagem, Keem Grady and Les High

Cardinal & Pine   Seven awards for Leah Sherrel, Michael McElroy, Shaun Sindelman, Madeline P. Gray, Billy Ball, and Staff

Carolina Journal   Five awards go to Dallas Woodhouse, Mitch Kokai, Greg de Deugd, Donna King, Jim Stirling, Theresa Opeka, Maya Reagan and staff 

Carolina Public Press  10 awards for Jack Igelman, Shelby Harris, Brittain Peck, Kate Martin, Melissa Sue Gerrits, Ben Sessoms and Staff

CityView TODAY  Five editorial award to Cindy Burnham, Jason Canady, Michael Futch, Gary Mangum and Staff

Coastal Review   Four awards for Trista Talton, Capt. Gordon Churchill and Staff

EducationNC Four awards to Hannah McClellan and Molly Osborne Urquhart

Island Free Press   Nine editorial and advertising awards for Joy Crist, Donna Barnett, James D. Charlet, Don Bowers and Catherine Kozak

N.C. Policy Watch    Two awards for Lisa Sorg, and Greg Childress 

NC Health News  15 awards go to Taylor Knopf, Will Atwater, Clarissa Donnelly-DeRoven, Anne Blythe, Aneri Pattani, Rachel Crumpler, Rose Hoban, Sarah Sloan, Jennifer Fernandez and Staff

NewOldNorth.com     Five  awards go to Kenneth Fine, Casey Mozingo, and Shan Stumpf

Ocracoke Observer     Seven   awards for Richard Taylor, Peter Vankevich, and Connie Leinbach

Port City Daily     Three  awards go to Brenna Flanagan, Shea Carver and Amy Passaretti Willis

Richmond Observer   Ten  awards for Kyle Pillar, William R. Toler, Zachary Pessagno and Staff

The Rant   Three  awards going to Richard Sullins, Gordon Anderson, and Billy Liggett

Division D 

Daily Advance Eight awards going to Righ Houghton, Lisa Bailey, David Gough and Chris Day

Daily News (Jacksonville)     One  award for Chris Miller

Daily Reflector Five awards to Kim Grizzard, Ginger Livingston, Pat Gruner and Staff

Gaston Gazette Three awards for Kara Fohner

Goldsboro News-Argus   14 awards for Philip Sayblack, Becky Barclay, Aviel Smolka, Rebecca James, Rochelle Moore, Chandler Johnson, Phyllis Moore and Staff

Herald-Sun    12 awards go to Tammy Grubb, Ethan Hyman, Steve Wiseman, Kaitlin McKeown, Tammy Grubb, Mary Helen Moore, Andrew Carter, Laura Brache and Staff

Hickory Daily Record   13 awards for Robert C. Reed, Miya Banks, Mark Parker, Sarah C. Johnson, Kevin Griffin, Josh McKinney and the Sports Staff

High Point Enterprise   32 advertising and editorial  awards for Sandy Southards, Amanda Duncan, Jimmy Tomlin, Paul B. Johnson, Laura Greene,  Guy Lucas, Roger Boyd and Staff

Morganton News Herald   Four awards for Jason Koon and staff

Sanford Herald  Two  advertising awards for  Laura Powers

Sun Journal  Three awards go to Todd Wetherington and Caramia Valentin

Division E 

Charlotte Observer  28 total awards going to Catherine Muccigrosso, Adam Bell, Payton Guion, Theoden Janes, Ames Alexander, Gavin Off, Devna Bose, Scott Fowler, Alex Andrejev, Kata Stevens, Anna Maria Della Costa, Joe Marusak, DJ Simmons, Gavin Off, Adam Wagner, Michael Gordon, Sara Coello, Tyler Dukes, Makayla Holder, Melissa Oyler, Heidi Finley, Jeff Siner, Alex Zietlow  and Staff

Fayetteville Observer 15 awards to Myron B. Pitts, Paul Woolverton, Taylor Shook, Rodd Baxley, Lexi Solomon, Danielle Dreilinger, Andrew Craft, Rachael Riley and staff

News & Observer  26  total awards for  Martha Quillin, Kaitlin McKeown, Josh Shaffer, Richard Stradling, Brian Gordon, T. Keung Hui, Drew Jackson, Robert Willett, Ethan Hyman, Luke DeCock, Steve Wiseman, Andrew Carter, Laura Brache, Drew Hill, Paola Perez, Will Doran, Dan Kane, Josh Shaffer, Adam Wagner, Tyler Dukes, Payton Guion, Gordon Rago, Kayla Guo and Staff

News & Record 11 awards go to Allen Johnson, Woody Marshall, Lea Anne Williams, Cindy Loman, Jennifer Atkins Brown, Ray Causey, and Mike Kernels

StarNews  12 awards go to Allison Ballard, Matthew Prensky, Sydney Hoover, Emma Dill, John Staton, Michael Cuneo, Emma Dill, Chase Jordan, Dan Spears, Michael Cuneo and Staff

Winston-Salem Journal   26 awards for Cindy Loman, Allison Lee  Isley, Lisa O'Donnell, Wesley Young, John Hinton, Richard Craver, Scott Sexton, Walt Unks, Michael Hewlett, Mick Scott, Ragan Robinson, Lisa O'Donnell and staff 

Congratulations to all the winners!!