How NC Works


Explore what’s available on the following and other sites that provide information on North Carolina. Also, click on links and use resources provided on the sites provided below:


  • North Carolina newspapers, click on “Read a Newspaper”

Also, search for stories in newspapers’ archives; use keys words that specify problems and issues that you are studying.

Be sure to examine closely local and regional newspapers, available in print and online, for information about your community and area of the state.


N.C. Constitution

  • The Constitution

  • History of the N.C. Constitution


Government (official sites)

  • North Carolina State Government (links to three sites)


  • North Carolina Governor (executive)


  • North Carolina Courts (judicial)


  • North Carolina General Assembly (legislative)


  • North Carolina League of Municipalities


How NC Municipalities Work

  • North Carolina Association of County Commissioners,

“Learn about counties” under Education on the horizontal navigation bar. Click “RESOURCES & LINKS” on vertical navigation for additional information.


U.S. Congress

  • U.S. House of Representatives

(N.C. has 13 districts)

Click on site to obtain list of representatives from N.C., political party, contact information and committee assignments:


  • U.S. Senate

(N.C. and all other states choose two senators)


  • U.S. Senators and North Carolina (Richard Burr and Kay Hagan, 2014)

Click on links to sites for each senator, posted Senate website:


Public Policy

  • NC Center for Public Policy Research


  • John Locke Foundation


  • NC Justice Center



  • North Carolina’s Public University System


How State Government Works


  • North Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities


  • N.C. Center for the Non-Profits


Educational Resources

  • N.C. Department of Public Instruction,


To find out about state standards, click curriculum.


  • NCPEDIA, an online encyclopedia about North Carolina


  • N.C. Department of Cultural Resources


For education resources through the Department of Cultural Resources:



  • School of Government, UNC-Chapel Hill

Coates Canons blog: (Note: The "blog topics" box on the righthand side of the page lists the variety of topics explored in the blog. If you click on a topic, you can see all blog posts associated with the topic.)


  • N.C. Geographic Alliance, a professional educator’s organization. Click on the image, if available, to view a PDF slideshow about North Carolina that answers the question, “What is Geography?”


  • North Carolina Wiseowl!, a free site that includes e-books, online newspapers and other resources. Contact any social studies consultant with the NC Dept. of Public Instruction, if you need a password.

  • N.C. History Textbook, a digital edition organized by era


  • Southern Historical Collection, a digital resource at Wilson Library, UNC-Chapel Hill

Compiled July 18, 2014.