NC Newspaper History


NC Museum of History (PDF) Roy Parker Jr.'s columns (collected, PDF) TABLE of CONTENTS: Word & PDF Roy Parker, reporter, editor and historian, compiled a list of nearly 50 journalists who appear in the six-volume Dictionary of North Carolina Biography. The Dictionary included the 21 journalists whom Roy Parker described in this tribute to NC Journalists, prepared in 1998 on the 150th anniversary of the first meeting of the NC Press Association.

  1. The Newspaper: Word & PDF
  2. The North Carolina Press Association: Word & PDF
  3. William Henry Bernard: Word & PDF
  4. Tom Bost: Word & PDF
  5. Beatrice Cobb: Word & PDF
  6. Willard Cole and Horace Carter: Word & PDF
  7. John Campbell Dancy: Word & PDF
  8. The Daniels Family: Word & PDF
  9. James David: Word & PDF
  10. Gordon Gray: Word & PDF
  11. C.W. Griffith: Word & PDF
  12. Thomas Henderson, Jr.: Word & PDF
  13. Abraham Hodge: Word & PDF
  14. Walter Ney Keener: Word & PDF
  15. H.A. “Slim” Kendall: Word & PDF
  16. Thomas J. Lemay: Word & PDF
  17. Tony McKevlin: Word & PDF
  18. C.A. McKnight: Word & PDF
  19. John Charles McNeill: Word & PDF
  20. Catherine and Victor Meekins: Word & PDF
  21. Spencer Murphy: Word & PDF
  22. Roy and J. Mayon Parker: Word & PDF
  23. Robert Lee Vann: Word & PDF
LEARN MORE: The Dictionary of North Carolina Biography provides information about other North Carolina journalists. Biographies on notable NC journalists appear on this site for the NC Journalism Hall of Fame: Click on journalism, advertising and/or public relations to read the summaries. The author of this series, Roy Parker Jr., was inducted into the UNC-School of Journalism and Mass Communication’s Hall of Fame in 1999. Read his biography: Contact your local newspaper to find out more about its history. Also, look for that information on an individual newspaper’s website. The masthead on an editorial page identifies the current owners and managers of the newspaper.