Local NIE


Each newspaper’s Newspaper in Education (NIE) program is unique. Educational programs may include:

  • Classroom sets of print and/or electronic newspapers offered at special rates to area schools and other educational settings
  • Lesson plans and curricula that include reproducible worksheets and graphic organizers on using newspapers for instruction
  • Educational materials that cover a range of subjects and grade levels, including sections, serial stories and other features that run in the newspaper and on NIE Web sites
  • Online news sites and/or blogs designed for young readers
  • Workshops for teachers; classroom demonstrations
  • Contests
  • Special events, such as reading festivals or Spelling Bees
  • Websites, blogs and e-newsletters
  • Special sections, stories or columns written by and for young readers
  • Newspaper tours and classroom speakers
To find out what a newspaper offers to schools, contact that newspaper. Interested in offering financial support for an NIE program, contact the newspaper. Also, refer to the NC NIE contact list (pdf) and the following NC NIE Web sites: Local newspapers fund their NIE programs in a variety of ways:
  • Discounted subscriptions purchased by schools
  • Donations from subscribers
  • Donations from parents and other individuals in the community
  • Financial support from local civic organizations, business partners and corporations
  • Grants from foundations
  • Special fundraising events
  • Support from the newspapers that offer NIE programs
Prepared by Sandra Cook, July 2013